Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New York, New York!

We had a great weekend! I loved New York and can't wait to go back someday. I was definitely happy to get back to Jackson though. We missed him like crazy but knew he was in good hands! And I have to admit...it was nice being on an extended "date" with Jon, sleeping through the night without listening to a monitor, and getting to eat my food while it was still hot instead of getting Jackson fed first! (I'm not sure how much longer I could have handled it though~ we were definitely ready to get back and see him!)

We drove to PBU Saturday and our chauffer Joelle took us to the train station. (Thanks Joelle ~ it made the trip so much easier & we loved seeing you for a little bit too!) Aside from standing in the wrong line for a little bit at the train station, everything went very smoothly. We got to NYC around 2 and took a taxi to our hotel, which was right in Rockefeller Center. We walked around Rockefeller Center, did the NBC Studio Tour, and then just explored the city. (Below is me at the NBC Store with the shirt that I loved but they only had smalls...so sad).

Sunday we took the subway to the World Trade Center site, which was one of those things you can't really imagine until you are there. Unbelievable. From there, we walked around Wall Street and then tried to go to the Statue of Liberty, but there was an Autism Awareness walk going on, and we couldn't really get through the thousands of people, so we decided to go to Chinatown and Little Italy. Eating lunch in Little Italy was the best!!! Later we went to FAO Schwartz, the Disney Store, Central Park, etc. It did finally start raining (they had been calling for it all weekend) and we got soaked walking back to the hotel, but it was worth it.

Same thing Monday morning - raining but we decided to go out anyway since it was our last few hours in the city. We lucked out on the train ride back to Philly and got on an express train, which only took 1 hour instead of 1 1/2. Everything about the trip was great!

Now we are back to the real world again, but looking forward to our next vacation...Ocean City in July!


Susanne said...

You got a lot accompished in two days! I'm impressed. Glad you had a great time. Our last trip to NYC was a disaster!

Susanne said...

Hey,I checked out the NBC store online and they have your shirt.


Also, Cafepress.com has lots of funny shirts from THe Office too.

karla said...

that is a great shirt! glad you had fun in nyc; i really want to go too someday! let's just use tons of these!!!!!!!! yea!!!!!!!

karla said...

yes, you did email me, but we didn't have internet at home until yesterday, so communication has been scarce. that would be awesome to have you guys here next summer! i haven't heard from your pastor yet, but i'll watch for an email from him. did i give you the website already? www.send-me.org

Anonymous said...

That shirt was awesome. Tell me you got it. Anyway, glad you had fun in NYC. When are you coming home again? See you Soon. Love Mark