Sunday, September 16, 2007

finally an update!

I thought I better give an update so everyone knows I still exist...I've just been quite busy!! We have spent the past several weeks painting, cleaning, packing & unpacking, and as of last saturday, are living in our new (to us) home! It still needs a lot of work...and will for a long time...we have many projects ahead of us....but we LOVE it! We have so much more room! One of the things we have loved the most is our screened-in porch...we have been eating most of our meals out there and it is so peaceful like we are in the middle of nowhere (or the middle of the jungle might be more accurate if you have seen our backyard). We have many many boxes that we still need to unpack, and yes MOPS girls, I finally am able to brush my hair after finding my hairbrush last night!!

One thing we have definitely realized over the past few weeks is how God has been watching over us! The biggest example I can think of is that a week before settlement of our new home, there was a fire in it! In the electrical box, to be more precise. Evidently the road was closed, there were 6 firetrucks & several ambulances involved. The thing is, the electrical box was going to be one of our first big projects to change since it was very out of date. Instead, the previous owner's home insurance paid it, saving us about $2000!! (And whoever estimated the cost for them estimated big and it even ended up paying for the previous owner's deductible!) Besides the saving $$, the fire happened at a perfect time. The owners were here, moving things out, and were able to smell the smoke. If they were not here, the whole house most likely would have been lost. If they were here and sleeping, their smoke detectors were broken and they may have been killed. Nothing (except the electrical box) was destroyed. God's timing is perfect!!

We have also been realizing what great friends & family we have!! Many people have helped us in the past few weeks and I might as well take a minute to mention some of them....THANK YOUS to Dawn & Selena for helping to pick paint colors, Jena for watching Jackson and packing most of my kitchen, Ryan for helping to rip down wallpaper, Carol for cleaning all my floors and bathrooms, watching Jackson, etc, Jerry for taking the chainsaw to the yard, helping to move, and keeping my veins pumped full of iced coffee, Selena & Lindsey for painting, packing, and helping on moving day, and to our fabulous movers: Scott, Josh, Pastor Jonathan, Jon H, and Clayton. I'm sure I am forgetting someone, but we really couldn't have done it without you! THANK YOU!

In Jackson news.... he is loving the house, especially his new toy room....the first time he went in, he looked around and his eyes were HUGE! Now he typically uses it as a reading room. Even with all the cool toys, he goes in, plops himself down on the floor and reads. We should have made him a library instead! He is also enjoying chasing the dog around the house and just making laps around the house in general. Now that he has been fully mobile for awhile, I find him in random places quite the other day when I found him in the bathroom, swishing my keys in the toilet bowl. Lovely.

Finally, I have started an eBay store. I haven't had much time to work on it yet, but I've had some good results in the few days it's been up. I'll put a link up soon.

Ok, it is time for Steelers kickoff, must go. Before & after pics to come at some point!


marcia said...

I'm glad that you are in your house finally and actually, I am a bit jealous. Sounds too fun!!!! I'm glad that all of the fire stuff worked out as it did. That is awesome!

Janelle G said...

How cool! I want to visit your cute house. About a month before we bought ours, some pipes froze in it and the owner had to pay $4,500 to get it fixed... so I know what you mean about God watching out for you! :)