Thursday, January 17, 2008

GG's 90th!

Jackson racing cars up & down GG's legs

It's snowing outside! Normally it wouldn't be that exciting of a thing but I am gearing up for SnowCamp this weekend!! Plus I talked to Keith this morning and he said back in MD they have at least 8 inches! (Just for the record...I'm not really wishing for that much).

Our lives have continued to be busy lately...we are always relieved when we have an evening "off" to spend at home but with meetings, youth group and such, it hasn't happened much recently! That's ok, it's a "good busy". We are having a lot of fun at this point in our lives!

Last week I started babysitting for a friend's 4 month old. For now, I'm babysitting one day a week and we'll see how that goes. So far it's been great! Jackson loves the baby and even cried one day when he woke up from his nap and Baby had already gone home!

Last week Jackson and I had another first....Music & Motions class! It's at a local church and only an hour, but it was very fun. We met some friends from church there - the first 1/2 hour the kids just run around and play and then the 2nd 1/2 hour they sit in a circle and sing and dance. Last week Jackson LOVED it. I have never seen him dance so much. This week he didn't like it as much...mainly because the little girl sitting next to him was eating crackers and I didn't have any for Jack. (and this girl wasn't in a sharing mood....not that I would have asked, but really....if you insist on giving your kid treats in front of everyone, at least bring enough to share. Next week I will be prepared). Anyway the class is $2 and was just really nice to get out and do something different.

Last weekend we traveled to MD and western PA for my Grandma Otto's 90th Birthday! A lot of the family was there and we ate at Grandma's favorite restaurant and then went back to her house for awhile. Jackson does really well considering he doesn't get to see most of these relatives too often. Happy Birthday GG - we love you! Jackson also had lots of fun with Pap, Grandy, and Uncle Mark. We even made it to my old church, Glade Mennonite, and got to see lots more people that we haven't seen in way too long! We wish we could see you all more often!! Come visit!
Jackson sliding down the steps with Uncle Mark!

A highlight of this week was having a few hours out with a friend! She is nearing the end of her pregnancy and can't reach her toes, so we figured that was a good excuse to go get pedicures! We went to the Mount Joy Vo-Tech where seniors in high school are being trained in cosmetology and full pedicures are only $5!! I definitely recommend it if you have a few hours...they really take their time :)

Today my neighbor came over for lunch with her 4 1/2 month old daughter. It's something we have been meaning to do for a long time but never got around to it. We are lucky to have nice neighbors who are close in age to us...most of the street is retired. I'm glad Jackson will have "neighbor kids" to play with when they are older.

This weekend, as I mentioned already, is Snow Camp! We are going with our Jr & Sr High Youth Group to a camp ....actually I'm not exactly sure where it is...somewhere up North. I'm excited to go! Last year we had a lot of fun, but since I had Jackson with me, I was in a separate room away from everyone else, and couldn't really interact with everyone and hear the speakers as much as I would have liked. This year (for better or worse!) I will be bunking with all the other girls! Jackson will be spending his weekend with Aunt JoJo, Nana, and Peeps. I know he will have a great time too! I will miss him though! We're in for more fun next weekend when my friends Keith and Brandi are coming to visit!!! Keith has a volleyball tournament in Lancaster and so we are excited to spend some time with them!


KK said...

Wow you guys are busy! Your Gram looks great for turning 90! She must just love Jackson! It great he went right up to her! I love Jackson's face when he is sliding down the steps with his Uncle Mark! Too cute! Have fun at snow camp! See you tomorrow in MOPS

Nancy said...

We also did the Music and Motions class, but I never knew anyone there. Anyway I only went once, but I would schedule my doctor visits at the same time as Music and Motions and Brian would take the kids. He said it was very strange to be the only Dad there, but he loved watching the kids have so much fun.

We need to get together sometime soon. We too have been so busy with visitors and birthdays.