Friday, October 24, 2008

The Sick House

In the past few days, all 3 of us seem to have gotten bad colds. Well, I thought they were all bad colds....some of you by this point have already gotten a phone call from me warning you that my child may have exposed yours to pink eye! So yeah, Jackson had what I thought was a cold earlier in the week, and we noticed on Wednesday before church that he was rubbing his eyes, but he tends to do that when he is sick or sleepy anyway, so we didn't think anything of it. When we picked him up from Puggles, his eyes were all gunky, and to make a long story short, I took him to the doctors the next day and he not only had pinkeye, but a double ear infection to go along with it! I felt so bad! He is one easy-going guy though, and really wasn't acting sick at all. The doctor was amazed that this is the first time he's ever been on antibiotics.

Last night we were still able to go out to dinner for an early birthday date, thanks to my MIL who kept Jackson for us. Neither of us felt awesome so we were back to pick up J before 8 and came hope, all took medicine, and went to bed! Thankfully we are all feeling better today, because tonight is INSOMNIA.... our youth group all-nighter!! This is something Jon and I honestly look forward to every year. It is such a fun night...starting at the church at 830, going to Carlisle Sports Emporium for gocarts, roller skating, laser tag, etc, and then Bowling, then back to the church by 6 am. I am praying for continued healing so Jon and I can both go and stay the whole time!

Here's some pictures of my sweet sick boy....taken today after I put some cream on his poor runny/stuffy/chapped nose. Even being sick he of course still had to be silly for the pictures. He's been in a great mood all day and it is hilarious listening to him singing in his crackly sore throat voice. He is a trooper!

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Carrie said...

I'm so glad he's feeling well! So far, no sign here that the pink eye was picked up by Emma. Have a great time at insomnia! I was never a good sport at those all-nighters, so you must have found your special calling in life! :-)