Friday, March 23, 2007

Our One Year Old!

Jackson wasn't in the best of moods yesterday, but we had already made the appointment to get his one year pictures taken. He did pretty well in-between the screaming and crawling away from the camera! Here's a few of our favorites ~ a little hard to see, but I think Picture People is preventing me from getting them any bigger. The one to the left is what we picked to give out to people ~ notice how he curves his fat little foot ~ this is what he does when he doesn't want to put shoes on and it makes it impossible!

This next one I LOVE because it is so "Jackson," but you can't see his face too well. Jack looooves to read books, just like his mommy & daddy! I have several memorized from repeatedly reading them to him throughout the day. If I don't feel like chasing him up the stairs (which is something I also do repeatedly throughout the day), I just open a book and start reading, and he comes crawling over as fast as he can!

I wish this last one was bigger ~ it reminds me exactly of Jon's baby pictures! I've been hearing that he's starting to look more like me, but in this picture, he is definitely his daddy!

We made it to MD after a busy day ~ Bible Study this morning where we celebrated both Jackson and Selena's birthday's, and then home to eat lunch and pack! It rained most of the way here and we were glad to finally get to my parent's house, where Jackson is already soaking up all the extra attention!

Happy Birthday, my One Year Old!!


Anonymous said...

his pics are adorable ang. i cant wait to come home and see my little one year old!! tell him i miss him

Jena said...

Those picts got great! Can't wait to see them close was the weekend? Is he in "spoil detox" right now?

karla said...

those pictures are adorable! hope you had a fun weekend.

Jen said...

Adorable pics, Angie!!! Amazing how fast one year flies by - I'm still wondering where the 2 weeks went since Trey was born!