Sunday, April 8, 2007

10 Things I Find Very Weird....

(this isn't totally random...see Jena's blog for more!)
1) PENNSYLVANIA ROADS ~ I am from a town in MD that has been on the Weather Channel because of so much snow, yet I never had a hard time driving in the winter until I moved to PA! Seriously, learn to plow.
2) MEN HAVING NIPPLES ~ when you think about it, why??
3) NEIGHBORS ~ our neighbors are so strange. We have the typical neighborhood cat lady, who unfortunately has been seen eating breakfast with her cats at her table. Naked. We have another neighbor who, when I took her Christmas cookies, answered the door with no pants on. And our newest neighbor is often seen wearing a trench coat & cowboy hat, juggling bowling pins in the parking lot. I think I'll book him for Jackson's next birthday.
4) KEITH RICHARDS ~ I recently read an article that this guy (from the Rolling Stones) actually snorted the ashes of his father. That's really weird.
5) GAME SHOW CONTESTANTS & HOSTS ~ really the most annoying people on Earth. Where do they find these people?
6) THIS WEATHER ~ 6+ inches of snow in my hometown of Accident, MD over Easter weekend (ok not all on the ground at once, it melted in between blizzards...but still, it snowed all weekend)....a place so remote, even global warming hasn't gotten there.
7) GRAPES IN A MICROWAVE ~ they spark. Kids, don't try this at home.
8) GG ~ My grandma still smokes, wearing an oxygen mask, even after she's already blown herself up once. I love her so much, but that is a little weird.
9) A FRIEND (who shall remain anonymous) ~ the way she puts her pants on: right foot in, left foot in, socks, then shoes, THEN pulls the pants up the rest of the way.
10) SLEEP-TALKING ~ Wow, the stories I could tell about this one. I think all of the Mohr's talk in their sleep. I also remember once at Rosedale when Karla screamed in her sleep. That was scary.

We are having another fun weekend here in Maryland ~ we'll be leaving in an hour or so for home. This week begins NHL Playoffs and the Penguins are in for the first time since 2001! Gotta love it!

Happy Easter, everyone! He is Risen!!


Susanne said...

Your"weirds" are really awesome.

7)I would like to hear the story about that one...

9)Really funny about your friend..

10) Totally agree-Once Mike told me I sat up in bed and said "Is it a turtle, or a stromboli???"

Anonymous said...

Leave Gram alone!!!! Ha j/k. How bout those PENS!!!!!! I've been thinking of you as we've been watching the games (we bought the NHL package). We just went to the one down here when we beat the CAPS. Who's your fav? You know I love Fleury and Talbott (wears our boy's old #).

Take care Ang,
Miss and love ya,

Anonymous said...

Loved the list! I knew you would come through with a winner of a post :-)

Anonymous said...

The one about your G-ma is indeed bizarre.... I never heard of blowing ones self up!!!! Terrible!!
You did a great job coming up with them.

Anonymous said...

I would like to think that I am mature, but I really would like to try out the grapes in the microwave idea. I'll let you know how it turns out!

karla said...

how can i know about grapes sparking and not try it for myself? it's happening as soon as i get some grapes, believe me. also, i don't remember screaming in my sleep at rosedale, but i'm not too surprised since i was scared of my roommate. i do remember crawling to the bathroom when i had a fever b/c i , in my dilirium, didn't think i should wake you up to help me walk there. again, probably b/c i was scared of my roommate. btw, rose had her baby.