Sunday, April 1, 2007

More Pictures...

A few more of the promised pictures from last weekend...
First, Jackson trying to steal GG's oxygen mask!! They were having fun playing peek-a-boo! The second pic with Jackson & my dad is so sweet. Jack was Pap's boy all weekend ~ and now we'll be back very soon for Easter!
Yesterday Jon & I had the opportunity to go to a CORE training for youth workers. We had a really good time ~ my old supervisor from Bair was there, and I haven't seen her for ages, so that was fun. And then I got to play the Mennonite game....I saw some people with YES training shirts, so I talked to them and of course they all knew Jacki and Val. (Cue "It's a Small World After All").
My blog assignment from Jena is to list 10 things I think are weird...but I haven't thought of them yet. I promise they are coming, Jena!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, the trouble that boy will be able to get into with an oxygen cracks me up how he looks SO curious, maybe thinking, "I just HAVE to pull that off!"