Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back to Reality!

After a great week at Ocean City, we are back home once again! We had a wonderful vacation but it is always nice to come back to home sweet home and be in a normal routine again. Jackson loved his time at the beach (we were a little worried when on the 1st day, he refused to put his feet in the sand). He was so good for us, even though he is currently in the midst of getting 6, yes 6, teeth. I loved relaxing on the beach and playing games almost every night with the family. Back to reality and busy life now though...yesterday we got home after a 6 hour trip (including stopping for lunch and terrible traffic), checked our messages and realized we had to go back to the mall because I had preordered Harry Potter for Jon and we only had a few hours left in order to get it 40% off. We also had a message from the movie rental place saying that we had a free rental since we haven't been there for awhile, which we also only had a few hours left to get. So, we went to the mall, then Jon dropped Jack & I off back at home and he went to pick out a movie (Stranger than Fiction with Will was pretty good), and to pick our dog up at the vet where he had spent the week. Today we had Sunday School and church and then came home to straighten up for an Open House from 1-4. We were told it went well, so hopefully we'll hear an offer soon! We were sad to have to miss small group tonight....airplane rides and a BBQ!

Anyway, we have a ton of pictures from the beach, but here are just a couple since our computer is being so slow tonight....


christina said...

wow, that is one cute family!!! very funny about all your last minute rushing around =) and SIX?! I thought three was bad enough! oh yeah, and you look like you kind of have a tan!

Anonymous said...

You guys are adorable. :-) We had an open house yesterday from 1-4. We also have a few leads but no offers yet... but we keep praying! I'll definitely pray yours sells too. My parents are selling there house and put it up at the same weekend as we did, so we are in a race to see whose house goes first!!! :-)