Tuesday, July 10, 2007

On The Market

Our townhouse is officially "on the market!" We are hoping it sells very quickly...it's already a stress trying to keep it neat enough in case someone wants to stop by and take the tour. Our vacation is next week so hopefully lots of people come through while we are gone and make great offers! Here's a picture for those of you who have never had the chance to visit us at our 1st home...and if you click here, you can see some more. We have loved living here; it was the perfect place for our family for 3 years, but we're so excited to make the move to a bigger place with a yard. The inspection last week went well...nothing huge that we weren't expecting. I did take some pictures so I can start planning paint colors, etc. for the inside - I'll have some great before & after pics eventually! I'll post a picture of the outside of the new place hopefully this week before we leave.
Please pray for this family...I have never met them, but they are college friends of one of my cousins, and for those of us living here in Lancaster county, they are local so you may have heard of them...they just lost their precious 2 year old girl after a long battle with cancer. The funeral was this morning...I can't even imagine.


Anonymous said...


Sorry I didn't make it over to see you and Jon. The funeral was beautiful. Emily planned it perfectly. My heart breaks for her and James so please keep her and her family in your prayers. Thank you for asking your friends to do the same. Love you and hope to see you soon,

Anonymous said...


I left a comment for Emily and James. I feel so horrible for them. My heart goes out to them since I suffered my own terrible tragedy (although I think having that extra time with a baby makes it so much harder). I hope my comment helps her in some way. I hope to see you guys sometime soon. Miss you and love you. Give Jackson a big smooch for me.


Jen said...

So happy to hear your news and updates regarding your new home! Please know I am praying for the family who lost their child - I will check their link often and continue praying for them! Thanks for putting that on your post!