Friday, November 9, 2007

crazy week!

What a week! We have been kept pretty busy this week...MOPS shopping night Monday, youth leaders meeting Tuesday, Youth Group Wednesday, friends over last! Jackson and I actually skipped church on Wednesday because he had a little bit of a cold and I wasn't feeling 100%, so I thought it would be good if we could both go to bed early and get a good night's sleep. Jackson had other plans. Normally, he goes to bed between 8 and 830 and falls asleep immediately. Wednesday, I attempted to put him to bed at 8, but he screamed until 1230!! We gave him tylenol & he fell asleep again for 2 hours, but woke up screaming. What fun. He didn't have a fever, so I didn't know what to do. I ended up calling the Nurse Triage center to see if there was something I was missing. They said to give him a dose of Motrin and Tylenol, so we did that around 6. That knocked him out and he slept until 11. By that afternoon, the meds had worn off and the screaming began again, so I decided to take him to the doctor. I wasn't sure if I should or not, because I didn't want to waste anyone's time, but I did it for the peace of mind. The little stinker was in perfect health! So we still have no clue what was going on that night, but we all slept great last night!!!

Here's a picture from earlier in the week....He's starting to run towards the camera so it's getting more difficult to get a picture...but when I looked at this one, I couldn't believe how old he looks!! Not a little baby anymore!!


Anonymous said...

He does look so old! They really do grow up fast.-kortney

Jena said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! Looking at my calendar, which has many of the same things as yours does on it, you may be able to post about crazy weeks for the next 2 months! :-)
Oh, this morning at breakfast, Owen was talking about "P & Nena" and I asked if he loved them so much and he said, "Love Jon...and "G" How cute is that?

Jen said...

So true - he does look so old! LOVE THE PAINT and hardwood floors in your house! I can't wait to see it!
P.S. I can't make it to the shower tomorrow evening...I could have seen your new house then!

Susanne said...

You did a great job hosting and coordinating everything tonight. Your house is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

he is so cute Ang- i can't wait to see you guys soon