Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodbye 2007!

I can hardly believe that 2007 is almost over! We have been blessed so much in the past year and are excited to see what happens in 2008! I haven't updated for a long I'll try to hit some highlights and show a few pictures.

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year! I love all the baking and preparing, checking the mail every day in anticipation of a Christmas card, and all the excitement. One highlight is the annual cookie exchange where several of us get together at a friends house and make dozens and dozens of cookies to share with each other....its a busy day with lots of baking and kids running around everywhere, but it is so much fun.

Jackson was much more excited about Christmas this year....I think next year will be the really fun year though. He did like opening presents and would want to play with each one he opened for awhile before he realized there were more! His first present of the year was opened on Christmas Eve - the traditional (as traditional as we can make it sound when this is only his 2nd Christmas) new pajamas! He also got his new ornament - a Dr. Seuss "Fox in Socks" ... I was having a hard time deciding what kind of ornament to buy him and knew it would either be Sesame Street, Little People, or Books, so on a whim I typed in "Dr Seuss ornament" on eBay and found one that was Fox in of his very favorite books! He loved putting it on the tree, and then would bring the book over, sit down, and read it to the ornament. So funny.
Opening up his new PJs!

We woke up Christmas morning and had our family Christmas at our house, then went to Jon's parents for the rest of the day...the big surprise of the day was when I got Jackson up from his nap and walked into the room to discover that he had evidently been awake for awhile and had pulled all kinds of decorations & flower arrangements (pretty much anything in his reach) into the pack&play with him. As soon as he saw me, he said, "uh oh!" I think that is the most mischevious thing my laid back little guy has ever done :)

Fun present from Nana & Peeps to share with cousin Owen!

We all were struggling with colds over Christmas, and then the next day I woke up with a urinary tract infection....not fun! I was expecting to clean the house and get ready for my parents & brother to come that day, but instead I ended up spending a good part of the morning at the doctors! A few days and doses of medication later, I am feeling much better and my pee is almost back to its normal color. (Sorry if that grosses everyone out but the medicine actually made it turn bright orange). We had a great visit with my family! One of the gifts we had asked for was an air mattress for when we have lots of company...and they got us a really nice one that we decided to try out! Friday night Jon & I camped out in the living room on the air mattresses & sleeping bags and were very comfortable! When Jackson gets a little older we'll make it a family night!

I was hoping to add a lot of pictures on this, but my computer is being so slow, I may have to save most of them for another time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful wishes for a Happy New Year! We made many attempts to get a family picture using the tripod and timer on my was the only one that turned out half decent!

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karla said...

that's a great picture! thanks for the one you sent too, it's so cute! sorry if you were waiting for a card from me.:) i was going to get postcards in madagascar to send out, but i left them all there. oops. wow, that just sounds like a really bad excuse. oh well.