Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Post

I am finally blogging again, thanks to Terri's gentle reminder :) At least I can get one in for the month of April!! I just haven't been able to find much time to check email, let alone blog! We have been loving the return of spring, and with the nice warm weather (with the exception of the last few days) we have been outside doing YARD WORK!!!! Many of you may have driven past our house and seen huge piles of ivy...we have been spending much of our time pulling these vines out of the ground. For those of you who haven't seen our house, the yard is pretty much a disaster. It seems that the people who lived here before us didn't enjoy fresh air or sunlight. Hence the ivy taking over everything. Its not that ivy can't be pretty, it's just that we'd like to give grass a chance. Along with the ivy, Jon and Jerry have been taking down small trees, shrubs, and branches...pretty much anything that gets in their way. And we have the railroad ties for my long-awaited fire pit!! So we are making progress! We did have a pretty bad setback when Jon got TERRIBLE poison ivy this weekend!! I really wish I would have taken a picture to gross you all out. It was bad. He finally did go to the doctor's last night and after starting some medication he's feeling much better already today.

Jon is taking down ivy...but really I think it's just an excuse because he loves to climb trees!

In other news, Jackson is learning new things every day! He is picking up so much vocabulary and repeating everything! He does have some trouble with p's, b's, and d's .... for example, Peeps (Jon's dad) is called "Beef" and Pap (my dad) is "Bapf." Which brings me to my story... Jackson has been fascinated with all things outside this spring, and I've been trying to plant flowers, so he's been "helping" a lot. He also loves to watch butterflies and the birds at our bird feeder. We went to Kmart the other day and were walking around the garden section smelling all the flowers and all of the sudden he starts saying (in his loud toddler voice) "Hi Booby!" Over and over again. I couldn't figure out why he would be saying this or how he even knew the word for that matter, so I tried to get him to stop and eventually he did (after getting some strange looks from other shoppers.) Later that night we were watching our bird feeder and he started again "Hi Booby, bye booby".... finally I realized he wasn't being ornery and saying his mind, he's saying BIRDIE! So this definitely makes a lot more sense but at the same time I'm hoping he learns some better pronunciation soon. Not yet as evidenced by last night when Jon walked in as I was holding Jackson up to the window to see the birds ....Jon said "what were you looking at?" Jackson's reply: BOOBS!

What is it with taking pictures lately? This is what I got when I asked for a NICE SMILE.....


Terri said...

Great post Angie! Thanks for updating:) We are also doing the same type of yardwork at our house. Jared has already taken numerous trees down and many more are marked:) Although we don't have the ivy...we have hostas...EVERYWHERE! I'll trade ya:)

Anonymous said...

aww that is such a cute pic of jack! he looks so old! can't wait to see you guys on sunday!! love ya

Nancy said...

So glad you are back!

KK said...

Glad to see you back on the world of blogging!
Love the pic of Jackson...soo cute!

Jen said...

I can't believe how BIG he looks in that picture - so grown up looking! I completely understand the "booby" thing - Sam always had problems pronoucing certain letters as well. According to him, his name was "DAM!" not "sam"

Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!