Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Week in Review

Nothing extremely exciting to say, but thought I'd update and just fill you in on some of the highlights of the last week. Sorry, I can't believe it, but I didn't take any pictures this week so I don't have any to post. Anyway...

Last Saturday was really a great day all around. I had planned to go to a big yard sale in Etown early to get the good deals. Jon didn't work so I was able to get up early and he stayed home with Jackson. But before I woke up, Jon had already gotten up (at 630), washed my car, and gotten me flowers and an iced coffee from McDonalds! Now is how a girl's day should start! Thanks to my husbanda for making me feel so special! I ended up getting a few things at the sale, including a Halloween costume for Jackson for next year, so I was happy with that. I also ran into Nancy and her friend...evidently I should have made sure I was there before them, because they cleaned up :) I came home to eat breakfast and then the 3 of us headed to Karen's development in Middletown where we met the Hixon's for a huge development-wide yard sale! The best deal of the day was one of Selena's bargains: a pink Bumbo seat for $7!

Our main excitement the rest of the week was our arrival into the age of technology - finally we have high speed internet! My laptop also came this week, as did Jon's ipod. So all of the sudden we have these fun toys to play with. Hopefully Jackson won't be too neglected! I am excited to start up on eBay again - business has been a little slow lately due to lack of time! I think now with my laptop I'll be able to spend more time on it. Plus I need to so I can pay my new high-speed bills!

In other news, go PENGUINS! Most of you probably know that I am a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan. They are currently playing against the Flyers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Its a little weird living in "Flyer Country" during this time and it's very depressing that due to our minimal cable package, we can't watch any of the games. We did decide that if they make it to the Stanley Cup, we're going to order the extra cable for 2 weeks so we can watch the games!

Last interesting thing....I made my first cheesecake yesterday! I don't know why, but cheesecakes always seemed intimidating to me. It was a triple layer - butterscotch, chocolate, and vanilla, and it turned out really good. So cheesecakes are no longer intimidating. Maybe next I'll attempt my own pie crust.

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KK said...

I was so glad to see you guys at the yard sale! It was CRAZY...LOL!
Nice job on the cheese cake. I love cheese cake but am also intimidated to make give me hope...LOL!