Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 Posts in 1 Day!

Yesterday Jackson was having so much fun being naked after a diaper & clothes change that I let him go for awhile. I really never do this, but he was being so good I figured he would be fine. In typical Jackson fashion, he grabbed a book and started to read. Jon and I were getting ready to go out to dinner for our anniversary (actually on Thursday but we're headed to the circus then) and when I picked Jackson up to get him dressed, he had peed everywhere! So his bottom half was quickly washed, along with the floor, before we went to Nana's house. Luckily the book was fine; that would have been the tragedy of the whole situation!
Jon and I got to have an evening out alone which was wonderful! (And Jackson had a great time with Nana...thanks again!) We haven't done that for a long time! We went to Red Lobster (thankfully I was over my stomach sickness from earlier in the week!) and then shopped at the outlets. We had a great date night!
PS...the original title for this post was "Naked Time" but when I decided to talk about Date Night, I decided against it!


rachel said...

That's hilarious! Thanks for the link...I wonder if they'll have more jobs posted later. It's crazy applying to PA...there's this insane application, plus you have to have background checks, fingerprints, child abuse checks, and a couple other checks before applying at all. Seriously, these people make you jump through a million hoops.

KK said...

Oh my word! This post cracks me up! Joshy loves to be naked too! He runs around saying "I'm nakey" LOL....So far he has not peed on my floor! Aren't 2 year olds so much fun!!!

KK said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary. I love this story and I love that Jackson is so into books. I think you will have to have a library in the house as he gets older.

PS thanks for the visual.LOL.