Friday, August 1, 2008

New Favorite

Jackson's new favorite activity is playing in his toy box. Every day he crawls in and sits, sometimes for an hour or more, playing and pretending with all his toys. I love listening to him pretend! I hear him making up entire conversations with his little people, dinosaurs, or veggietales. I am loving how great he is getting at entertaining himself!


Carrie said...

Thats great he can entertain himself for so long! If you get bored and need a very busy-body type child, I can loan mine out by the hour! (ha ha)

Leah said...

Me too!! Brooke is always available!!

Nancy said...

I too love that they are learning to play and entertain each other. It is so fun to hear them make up games. I loved the other day when we made a car in the house that lasted for a few hours.

We need to get together.