Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thoughts & Happenings of the Week

I really wasn't looking forward to the Olympics. I thought maybe I'd watch some if nothing else was on TV when I actually wanted and had time to watch it. Now suddenly I am addicted! It started with the opening ceremonies - we didn't watch the entire thing but I have always found it interesting to watch as each country marches in. This year it really hit me as amazing that so many countries come together peacefully for these games! And of course my heart melted when the Chinese walked in and the little boy walked beside Yao Ming to carry the flags. If you didn't already hear the story, the little boy was a survivor of the earthquakes that hit China a month or so ago. 20 out of the 30 children in his class died. He not only freed himself from the rubble but went back to help rescue 2 classmates! What a kid! And of course he is totally adorable.

I am currently in Maryland with Jackson at my parent's house for the week. We have plans for most of the week and I'm hoping to squeeze in a few visits with friends as well! Jon is coming up Thursday night and we will all go to the Pittsburgh Zoo on Friday! Today's big adventure - Walmart! (Note: I am from the boonies.) I just love how around here, going to Walmart is an EVENT! (also note: I am not making fun of the boonies. I love the boonies.) Anyway, pictures to come at some point this week.....it is Garrett County FAIR WEEK after all, and that is a much bigger event than even Walmart!


Nancy said...

We love the Pittsburgh Zoo!! The polar bears are so fun.

I didn't think we were going to be big into the Olympics either, but we are hooked. Hannah and Carter wanted to watch the Olympics over Caillou this morning.

They love to cheer U S A U S A!

We miss you guys!

Marlena said...

I have some very fond memories of you and the Garrett County fair!! :)