Friday, December 19, 2008

One more week!

I cannot fathom how fast this month is going! One week until Christmas! I am so excited and I think Jackson is just going to LOVE Christmas this year!! Not anything totally important to blog about, but I haven't for awhile and I'm waiting for my oven to preheat, so it's a good time. :)

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas, have been sick a few times (thankfully Jackson hasn't gotten sick, just Jon & I), have had our Sunday School Christmas party here, cookie baking, etc etc, so it's no wonder it seems like the month is flying by.

Jack & I made cookies the other day - I cheated (and splurged!) and bought the Pillsbury sugar cookie pre-made dough. I do not recommend it! J had so much fun using cookie cutters and making stars and trees, but when I baked them, they flattened out so much that they just look like huge blobs. Oh well. He did have fun decorating them, especially because Jon was home to help us with that part!

It is so fun watching Jackson grow and especially hearing the new and random things he says each day. A few days ago, he was pretending to be a fox. He said, "I'm a fox! Don't worry, foxes don't eat people. Foxes eat flies - or something!" Last night he was up in his room, supposedly going to sleep, but we heard him going "BRRR
BRRR!!!" Jon went up and Jackson said, "Dad, I'm freezing!!" Jon said it felt tropical in the room but J heard the spaceheater shut off and wanted it back on. It's just so fun to be able to have real actual conversations with him!
And soon, he may be blogging on his own....I found him doing this the other day....
(Spelled out his name with magnets all by himself!) It should also be noted that the same day, I heard him saying "H - P - R - T - S - D - M - that spells HOT DOG!" He is trying at least! Spelling is his latest phase - he is continually asking us how to spell words. Its so much better than his last phase - stripping down and going to the bathroom in his room during nap time! :)


Terri said...

Oh No...I just bought those same sugar cookies to make tomorrow with the girls!

Carrie said...

The cookies still look yummy! I'd eat them!!