Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve Update

Since the next few days will be busy I thought I'd take a few minutes to update a little now. This year we are really stretching Christmas out as long as possible! Since we will be heading to Maryland on Christmas Day, we will not be seeing Jon's family that day at all - so we've been exchanging presents with them over the past few days :) It's been kind of nice not having everything over & done with in one day!

On Friday, Joelle & Marc came over - they were pretty easy to shop for this year considering they have wedding registries, but our favorite thing that we found for them (which was NOT on their registry!) was - "Pimpin' Steins" - I kid you not. These lovely matching Bride & Groom goblets were covered in bling, and the box said something about being a true pimp. I definitely think these should be used on their wedding day, don't you? :)

Joelle's surprise bridal shower was Saturday, and she was actually surprised! It was a fun time with friends & family and it was great to see all the fun things she will have for her home!

Saturday evening was an attempt to do something fun ~ watch a Christmas movie and then have a family sleepover in the living room beside the Christmas tree. Jackson was pretty excited but at around midnight decided he'd rather go sleep in his own bed! We couldn't believe it, especially since lately he begs to sleep with us every night.

Sunday was another family get-together at Jon's Uncle Fred & Aunt Sue's house. It's always a fun time - this year it was a little different because Jon & I were in the midst of a huge rivalry football game - Steelers vs. Titans. Unfortunately the Steelers played terribly and lost, but here's hoping we meet again in the playoffs!

Tonight Jon's parents came over for dinner and to exchange presents. Jackson was so thrilled with his gifts, especially his new Cars MegaBloks set. (I think Jon was just as excited about this!) Jack loves to build and we decided to put away the baby MegaBlocks and go for the 3+ version ~ he is already loving them!

Tomorrow we have a lunch with the family where the kiddos will exchange presents. Church tomorrow evening and then back home, where J will be allowed to open one present ~ new PJs. Christmas day we plan to eat breakfast and open presents here first, then travel to Maryland to be with my family until the weekend. It's such a busy time of year but we never want to lose sight of the true meaning - the best present of all - God's gift of His Son!

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