Sunday, January 4, 2009

welcome 2009!

seems like blogging is kind of going by the wayside these days for myself and a lot of others now that facebook is more popular. thought i'd at least tell a little about our holidays so we can look back and remember (since my scrapbooking days are gone also...).

Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents and ate yummy chocolate chip oatmeal. jackson had a blast and was so happy and thankful for everything he opened! when we were down to the stockings, he started opening socks and said "oooohhhhh, look, a sweater!" i told him it looked too small to be a sweater, and he replied, "ohhh, a baby sweater!" thankfully he was happy with a new pair of socks. never really knew about his apparent love of sweaters before!

we got the car all packed up and headed to western md to my parent's home. it was a great trip and we were pretty much the only people on the road. we were there for 4 days and got to see a lot of family, some we haven't seen since last christmas!

new years eve we got together with jons family for dinner and game playing....with kids, the days of game playing until late at night are over, and we were home by 9. it was still fun though! jon and i watched a movie, happened to realize it was 1155, so we turned on the tv in time to see the ball drop. i think it's a little gross just how much making out they will show of the people in times square. what's with that?

now it's back to reality. we have been working all weekend on a house project, which i will tell about in more detail later, when i have more pictures. unfortunately i don't know if i have many "before" so you may just be seeing during & after. our christmas decorations and tree are all still up because i like to enjoy them as long as possible! maybe next week.

of course some photos for your viewing pleasure:

hope you all have a blessed 2009!

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Janelle Ganson said...

I LOVE the pirate costume!!! He's so cute!