Saturday, March 14, 2009

per request :)

So obviously since Facebook, blogs are happening less often..... well I got a little reminder, so here's a post, finally! We've been busy as usual, this month hosting a 16 year old Japanese exchange student, Kana. We are having a good time even with the language barrier. Jackson was very excited to meet her and her first night here asked "Can you teach me the ABC's in Spanish?"

Speaking of Jackson, the little man is almost 3! Tomorrow we will be having a birthday party with our family here, and then next weekend (his actual bday is the 22nd) traveling to Maryland for another party there. When I asked him what he wanted to eat at his party, he said broccoli. I was pretty pleased with that since he comes from 2 non-vegetable eaters ~ it's much more of a challenge to make sure Jon & I are eating our veggies!

We are still working on potty training - what a joy...... the latest comments have been "I want to wear diapers alllll day!" and just a few minutes ago, "whew, reading all these books made me peed!" (in the diaper, not on the potty).

Well, almost time to eat.....we ordered pizza tonight ~ a cultural experience for Kana and a night off from cooking for me :)


karla said...

yay, you're back! i'm glad you take hints so well. :) happy birthday to jackson, and good luck with the potty training! i hope to see pics of his bday later. (do you feel like i'm taking control of your blog?! :)

angie said...

at least SOMEONE is taking control of the blog :) i'll post pics eventually.....

Nancy said...

Potty Training is so discouraging some times. Carter has been trained for months and now he is pooping in his pants and taking it out with his hands. YUCK!

Just know that when you look back it will seem like a flash of time you were actually Potty Training.