Wednesday, April 8, 2009

life update

Just in case there is anyone out there reading this who doesn't have Facebook and hasn't already heard - Baby Mohr #2 is due November 2! We are so excited to meet our new little one - only 30 weeks to go! :) We were able to announce our news to our families over Jackson's birthday. Today was my first doctor's appointment and I was so relieved and happy to hear a strong heart beat!! Jackson has been pretty excited so far, and is coming up with some really random statements and questions about the baby....

*He's really excited that when I show him pictures on the internet of what the baby looks like in mommy's belly now, he thinks it looks like a dinosaur!!

*A few nights ago, I could hear him upstairs while Jon was giving him a bath, asking his daddy if he was allowed to "toot" in the bathtub.....and found it hilarious that when he did, it made bubbles! Also earlier that day we had been talking about how the baby lives in a bubble of water in mommy's belly. So of course, he put 2 & 2 together, and now one of his biggest questions is "Is the baby tooting in your belly, Mommy?" I honestly do not know the answer to that one!

I thought I had my memory card in the computer to upload some pictures, but I don't, so that will have to wait for another time.


karla said...

haha! what a kid! your memory card excuse will only work for so long, you know. :)

Nancy said...

congrats again! I love the tooting questions... Hannah was in the tub the other night and we got these tablets that change the water color. The kids picked blue... so when Hannah let out a toot she started laughing and repeating the words I made blue toot bubbles. Oh the fun they have in the tub.

I am also getting the questions that sometimes we don't want to answer. The latest was "Momma, is the milk here yet? Can we see if it is here?" Gotta love 'em

Anonymous said...

Great due date Ang!!! Thats my birthday!!! Eli's b-day is 11/4 and mom's is 11/5. We love the month of November!!! So glad to hear that all is well!! I can't wait until Eli starts talking and asking those crazy questions!! Love you!


Hannah said...

Oh, we are so excited for you.
Life is very busy here and with three kids now, I have had a hard time doing e-mail and blogs. Hope all is well and I'll e-mail you soon. Love ya, Hannah