Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cake Decorating 101

Ok before I get to the cake decorating, I just have to share that I just experienced the most disgusting thing I have had to deal with as a mother thus far. Jackosn was in a pretty bad mood all morning, including crying the entire way home from Target. I decided to let him swim for a little while and get really good and tired so he'd be sure to take a great nap. He was swimming happily away and I was having a delightful time of relaxation reading a magazine beside his kiddie pool when he stood up and I noticed his swimmy diaper (or mimmi biper as he would pronounce it) looked a little funny. "Did you poopie?" "Yes all dirty" was his reply. I glanced in the pool and it looked like muddy water. Let me tell you, swimmy diapers are not meant to hold in the poop. I won't go into the details of cleaning him up, but lets just say my hands are still not smelling too fresh after repeated washings. Lesson learned: if your kid hasn't pooped in 2 days, don't let them near their pool.

Onto the cake...yesterday we decided to make Jon a cake. Nothing fancy at all, I just thought Jack would have fun helping me. So it was a Funfetti Cake with Funfetti Icing...and then came the decorating. The only sprinkles I had where red & green left over from Christmas cookies, and I found some of the black decorating gel leftover from the Elmo cupcakes. I asked Jack what I should write on Daddy's cake and he said "Daddy Lee Mohr" (yes, still loves that he & Daddy have the same middle and last names). So I wrote it on the cake, squeezing the gel tube as much as possible since there wasn't much left. J was in charge of sprinkles, as you can see from the pictures. So here it is, our beloved cake - not too great looking but Jackson was SO PROUD!


Nancy said...

My biggest fear is poop in a swim diaper!! I am grateful that the MOPS pool party was free and clean of 'muddy waters'

I love the cake! I think it is so great that you just used what is in the pantry. Right now I have 2 cans of white kidney beans that I can't figure out why I bought them and what to do with them. I think they have been in the pantry for a few months now. YIKES!

christina said...

I have been meaning to come over here and comment! I got behind on your blogs. Jack is sooo big and smart now! I am sorry about your yucky experience... I sincerely hope to avoid it.

KK said...

Oh my goodness..where do you even begin the clean up of the poopie pool :-(

How fun it must have been for Jackson to help his mommy make a cake. Jon must have just loved it!