Monday, September 8, 2008


Last weekend we all went to visit Joelle at college, do some shopping (yay, IKEA!), and take the boys to Sesame Place. Unfortunately, it poured all day Saturday so we improvised and went to Chuck E Cheese instead. It was a hit....thanks to Jon and Joelle getting multiple 100 ticket winners, the boys each got to pick out some cute new toys!
Another big even that happend recently is that our house is now pacifier-free! Jack has been using his paci only at night since he was 1 and I've been dreading taking it away. I noticed a tear in it, so I just cut the tip off and gave him a little speech about how sometimes when babies grow up to be big boys, their pacis sometimes break. He saw his paci and said " broke!" He threw it in the trash! He has been doing pretty well without night it just takes him a long time to fall asleep without it. The first night he slept through the night, but last night he woke up twice. The biggest problem has been naps....he's been not as sleepy for naps as it is lately, and now he really has a hard time. I am not ready to lose nap time, since that's when I get the majority of my work done! So today he is upstairs "resting quietly" and reading books in his bed.


Anonymous said...

haha what a picture!!
i'm glad you guys could come this weekend! tell jon i'll make a date for when we can go to chuckEcheese without the kids :)
give jack a kiss for me!

Nancy said...

Looks like you had a blast anyway. Congrats to Jack on the paci. Next is the Potty right? Big Boys have so many responsibilities.

Marlena said...

Yep...Jack should have to get the booster before he starts kindergarten! She is doing so well though...not sick at all, just itchy.