Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun Family Weekend!

We had a really great weekend! Saturday evening, Jackson got to spend some time with Bobby & JoJo while Jon and I went to our friends PA wedding reception (they got married in Michigan). I was excited to get a little dressed up and go on a date! To give you an idea of how long its been since we've gone somewhere dressed up....we had to go shopping Friday night because all of Jon's "nice" pants have cargo pockets :) Anyway, we had a fun time at the reception and laughed a lot sitting at a table with our friends!!

Sunday we decided to go to Hershey Park - even though it was SO HOT, we had some free tickets to use and didn't want them to go to waste before the end of the season! It was Jackson's first time at Hershey Park and he had a BLAST! Can you believe this kid and how much he loves rides? He officially now goes on rides that I refuse - aka The Scrambler. That's great - my not quite 2 1/2 year old is braver than me! He did mostly the kiddie rides, but his favorite was definitely the Scrambler. I can't believe his size could even go on it, but he could! Jon said Jackson just laughed out loud the entire time! We spent several hours in the park, but when Jack almost fell asleep on a (pretty tame) kiddie ride, we decided it was time for a little break. We went to (air conditioned!) Chocolate World and got a yummy milkshake! It was a great day!!!
I wanted to write a caption for each pic but did the layout as you can see...
#1 - Jack and Daddy rode lots of rides together!
#2 - Sleepy guy drinking our milkshake
#3 - Ready for the Scrambler! (Daddy taught him how to hold his hands up on the rides!)
#4 - Almost a Hershey Kiss, but just a Miniature for this year!


Hilsher Hollow said...

Just so, so precious. Love your blog, Angie.

karla said...

don't feel bad, i think the scrambler is exactly the kind of ride i would not go on!

Jena said...

Hilarious that Jon went on the kiddie rides with Jack! I can't believe he even fit in that thing! We're going this Sunday...I'm excited that Owen is a "candy bar" bigger this year! He wanted to go on the swings so bad last year, so that will be the first thing we go on!