Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I am so annoyed at myself right now! I had an entire post written, including 3 pictures, and somehow dumb me posted it on the MOPS blog instead of my personal blog! OOPS!! It wouldn't let me cut & paste, so I'm going to have to rewrite it all. Double Argh!

Anyway...I'll hit the highlights....

Today we played with sidewalk chalk. (How's that for just the facts? I had that sentence sounding much better the last time around! Ok, time to stope being bitter). This was J's first experience with sidewalk chalk and while I would love to say that he drew all over the place, he mostly just enjoyed telling me what to draw. His favorite part was laying down on the sidewalk and me tracing around him. He did love it though, and I think next time he'll want to draw more.
My little guy has been making me laugh so much lately. Here's 2 recent examples:
**He knows his full name is Jackson Lee Mohr. Yesterday he was getting slightly exasperated with me while I was on the phone and said with the "you're in trouble" tone, "Mommy Lee Mohr!" Along with that, we've been trying to teach him how to spell his name. He starts off right but always ends up saying "J...A....Lee Mohr."
**Also yesterday, I heard a lot of lip smacking and "yumm" coming from the toy room. I knew that I hadn't given him a snack, so I went in to investigate. He had created his own snack from the leftover bits of play-doh we had somehow missed when cleaning. I said "Jack, we don't eat play-doh, that's yucky!" He immediately started sobbing and said "yes, mommy! eat play-doh!" One of his best sentences to date - glad he saved it for such a special occasion!


karla said...

oh wow, what a cutie! sorry about your luck with trying to post. i'm glad you tried again.

Jen said...

Those pics are the best with the chalk! Having kids just brings the kids out in us, huh? I LOVE playing with chalk and that first time for the kid with chalk is soo special! Hysterical that he said, "Mommy Lee Mohr!" :-)

JaimeM said...

Hi there!
Thanks for visiting me in my little part of blog land! Let's see, do I have any good crafty sites/books etc.....there are SO many out there! I am about to do a post on some freezer paper stencil tees I did for my son. Way easy and so fun. My side bar of blog love has some good crafty blog resources. There are more I need to list there....like I said, SO many! I don't feel like I have been incredibly helpful, but for sure check out SouleMama...she has lots of good stuff. :) Let me know what you find and be sure to do a show & tell!
BTW, adorable son!