Sunday, June 1, 2008

June already!!

I just can't get over how fast this year is flying's June already!

Thursday was Jon's birthday. Gramps came over to help us celebrate and I made Jon's favorite meal - Chicken Parmigiana and favorite dessert - carrot cake with cream cheese icing. It was nice to do something special for him when he does so much for me! Jackson was so excited all day helping to wrap presents and make the food. We made Jon a birthday card and I really wanted it to be from Jackson so I was asking him what he likes to do with Daddy. He said, "Play. Make bubbles. Eat." Funny how eating made the list. He did come up with a few more things eventually.

On Friday, my brother came up to spend the weekend with us. We were really glad he could come and Jackson and he had a lot of "bonding time" - Jack sobbed and didn't want to go to bed each night because he wanted to play with "Uncle Marf." (Side note: I just love the way he pronounces words wrong! It will be a bittersweet day when the Marfs become Mark and Marc.) Besides playing with Jackson, Mark also helped Jon clean out our gutters which was awesome! I also loved watching the Penguins game with Mark just like old times ~ although it would have been much better had they won. Anyway, that sums up the weekend ~ thanks for the visit, Mark!


KK said...

Happy Birthday Jon!
I love the pic of Jackson with Uncle Mark...Jackson's shirt and glasses are too funny!

Anonymous said...

jack looks so cute in these pics!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Jon!

At least Jackson didn't say he liked to look at 'boobs'(birds for anyone who didn't read the earlier post) with Daddy. LOL

Anyway LETS GO PENS awesome game last night! We should have a party on Wed. night. Let me know if you are game?