Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Even though it's not officially summer, everyone who lives around here will agree that it definitely feels like it! We've had record breaking heat for several days now, today it finally cooled down, with a high of "only 85!" We are becoming very thankful for our house and all the shade we have, because it honestly feels about 10 degrees cooler in our yard than it does when we go into town.

We have been spending a lot of our time trying to beat the heat by enjoying Jackson's pool and sprinkler! Grandy & Pap sent us a really cool Elmo sprinkler that Jackson thinks is great! We also set up J's slide to go into the pool so he's been enjoying that too. His most favorite thing, however, is when we splash him with buckets of water.

Anyway, here's a picture of our outdoor fun!


KK said...

I'm glad you are staying a little cooler in the shade! Jackson is too cute. Thank goodness for sprinklers and pools!

Nancy said...

Love the photos. Great minds must think alike as we have our slide going into the pool. Oh and by the way I was actually running through the sprinkler with the kids the other day because I just couldn't stand the heat. It was sorta fun.