Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday I finally made it out to pick strawberries. Of course this only happened after I called the strawberry farm and was threatened with "I don't know how much longer we'll be open - maybe until this weekend." So I realized that if I wanted fresh strawberries, now was the time. Thankfully, I came to this realization after Jon was home from work and he - slightly begrudgingly - got roped into coming as well. I'm so glad he did. It was a lot easier, a lot quicker, and plus I got this cute shot of my guys together... (although I'm just noticing looks like Jon took the belt off his work jeans...)

When we came home I finished dinner, then got to work cleaning strawberries. It took FOREVER thanks to the fact that most of the strawberries were small. I was very thankful for the huller my MIL let me borrow - much quicker. I will invest in one of those for next year. I made 12 jars of strawberry freezer jam before I ran out of jars. Now I have a lot of leftover strawberries that I haven't quite decided what to do with yet. More jam? Pies? Anyone have a favorite strawberry recipe they'd like to share?
Yesterday was a productive day. Besides the jam, I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce (enough for last night's dinner plus 3 more freezer meals), 2 fiesta shrimp dinners to freeze, a quiche to freeze, and a peach coffee cake. All of this done while my house is getting replacement windows, the dog is quite concerned with the work going on, and Jackson is *supposed* to be napping but instead he's upstairs singing at the top of his lungs.
Today I just found out that the guys working on the house won't be here until 830...and I got up at 630 for what?! I guess I can spend the time doing something mapping out my yard sale route!


Jen said...

Hey, I would love your spaghetti sauce recipe! Is it from your Freezer meals book? (I can't remember the name of that book!) Anyway, maybe I could check that book out also sometime!!!! YAY on the replacement windows - you will LOVE THEM!

karla said...

wow, martha stewart! good for you. kirk and i went and picked 4 gallons of strawberries on monday, and after making 15 jars of jam and barely a dent in the strawberries i almost panicked. but we pulled through.