Sunday, June 15, 2008

Baltimore Weekend

We have tried to do something special for our anniversary each year....a little get-away! Baltimore is definitely one of our favorite destinations. This year we postponed our trip until this past weekend....for a special event: Pirates vs. Orioles! Our 2 favorite teams have not played each other in Baltimore since the 1979 World Series - which I am happy to report, the Pirates won.
Jon took the day off work Friday and we headed down to Hunt Valley and then took the Light Rail to Baltimore. Note: if you are planning a Baltimore trip, you can save so much money by taking the Light Rail if at all possible!! Parking for us for 2 days would have been $50...instead we spent around $6 for Light Rail tickets. (Another note: if you get motion sickness, sit forward, not sideways on the me on this!) Anyway, we checked into our hotel...a great and wonderful deal thanks to Joelle!... and then walked to the Inner Harbor where we ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, walked, and shopped. The stores are a little expensive for my taste (yeah, I know, what isn't?) but it was still fun to look around.
We headed to Camden Yards early for the game and watched Pirates batting practice for awhile, then headed to Boog's BBQ for one of the best sandwiches EVER - I love that place! A game is worth it just to be able to get the sandwich!! The game was a great one, although the Pirates lost (no big surprise). There was a fireworks display afterwards which was also amazing! It was funny to see & hear the reactions from people at the ballpark when they saw Jon with his O's gear and me with my Buccos shirt. We got asked, "How does that work?" more than once.
Saturday we ate a breakfast buffet at the hotel (at 50% off...yay for Joelle again!), walked around some more, and then decided to leave. We shopped some more at Hunt Valley and then came home. We sure were glad to see Jackson so spent the 2 days getting lots and lots of attention from Nana and Peeps!!

I also wanted to say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my Dad, who taught me to love our Pittsburgh teams in the first would have loved being at this game! Also to Jerry, who even though he and his offspring are Orioles fans, I can overlook that and say otherwise he did a great job raising his kids! And of course to Jon, who is such a great father to Jackson, who already wants to be just like Daddy!

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Nancy said...

I am so glad you had a great trip. If Brian and I were there we would have cheered for the Pirates too.

Happy Belated Anniversary!